Hygiene Solutions

Dynamic Ventilation Disinfection 2.0

Grip on hygiene and food safety in storage and processing areas for vegetables, fruit, flowers and plants via closed loop disinfection system

Bacteria, yeasts, fungi, and viruses can cause a great deal of inconvenience throughout the supply chain: from harvesting in the greenhouse to sale on the shelf. In doing so, it is almost inevitable that your vegetables, fruits, flowers, or plants will enter a storage and/or processing area.
To ensure the hygiene and food safety at your company, we offer the combination of a dosing station DS-10 with multiple ventilation units FU-10’s including hydrogen peroxide sensor with Cloud Portal datalogging functionality for transparency and traceability. In this way, a pre-set concentration of peroxide can be fogged very precisely, so that an optimal uptake into the air is achieved, which benefits the effectiveness of the disinfection process. In addition, occupational health and safety is ensured because the release of the room can be determined using the Cloud functionality.
This sensor also prevents the risk of condensation, so materials are not affected. In addition, this traceable treatment provides increased confidence in the fresh produce supply chain, because the hygiene protocol is brought to a higher level in a user-friendly and residue-free manner. The air quality in the room and surfaces are thus effectively disinfected.

ULV Mobile Unit

Some areas in your company are not suitable for disinfection with a stationary unit. The ULV Mobile Unit offers a solution for this because it can easily be moved to any desired area. This unit is versatile because it can be used for disinfection in stables, smaller departments in the greenhouse, cold stores and canteens. In addition, this unit is suitable for applications in pest control.
Furthermore, the unit is flexible in use because of its standard equipment with both petrol engine and 220V connection. Two powerful fans on top of the unit provide a large working range and the pump has sufficient flow to effectively disinfect in a short time or to carry out pest control. The pump has a working pressure of 80 to 120 bar and with the use of a remote control this unit can also be operated remotely. The construction of this unit is completely made of stainless steel.
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