High-pressure fogging in barns:
more than just cooling!

Our interwovenness in the agricultural world goes beyond greenhouse horticulture, we have also been installing high-pressure fogging installations in barns for over 30 years. Originally mainly for humidity and adiabatic cooling of poultry, but increasingly also to keep pigs, dairy cows or other animals vital. Depending on humidity and temperature outside, above 30 degrees Celsius you can lower the temperature inside by 5 to 8 degrees Celsius. Hundreds of stables in the Netherlands and Belgium are already familiar with this, made possible thanks to the high-quality and reliable MJ-Tech installations.

Over time, people also discovered additional benefits such as (fine) dust reduction and less odor nuisance! Not only good for people and their environment, the animals also benefit from the better air quality. The amount of ammonia that is released can also be lower as a result of all this.

With stable changes and/or complete cleaning of the stable, the installation is also useful. Overnight continuous use provides an ideal way of pre-soaking and associated convenience afterwards. Speaking of which, why not keep the manure on your stable floors moist with the same system when it comes to cows, for example?

It is crucial to realize that ultimately only high-pressure fogging ensures a uniform and effective way of cooling; water and energy consumption with a pad cooling system are much higher and you also have temperature differences in the house. The MJ-Tech solution, with ammonia-resistant stainless-steel pipes and in-house made press fittings, ensures the smallest possible drops (3-10 microns). Such small drops can only be created with a high pressure pump unit; the system is active with a pressure of 80 to 120 bar (1160 to 1740 psi). These smallest possible drops and the correct placement of the nozzles in relation to your livestock ensure that your animals do not get wet.


However, even more is possible with our high pressure fogging pump unit. We can make the return on your investment even higher! We would be happy to explain this personally, call us or use the contact form!

PS: nog iets nodig voor de komende weken/maanden,
binnen 14 dagen na order kunt u reeds uw hoge druk nevel actief hebben.

Last but not least, other applications!

Without the intention to be complete, our high-pressure fogging solutions also have other applications such as odor and / or dust control in various industries. We also have users in tobacco processing; complete control technology for controlled humidity can be included.

Commissioning a new-build barn

Increasing the cooling capacity of condensers is also an option or having our unit(s) part of a fire management system is also possible. The common denominator is that we offer a solution for your specific situation where we let the high-pressure fogging pump system fulfill as many relevant functions as possible.

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