High Pressure Fog our core business!

“All giant leaps in technology and achievement come to us as a series of small steps, each building on the last one…to go just that much further than was achieved before.”

Many small steps over the last decades make that we are a leap ahead with high pressure fog systems for greenhouses and other applications. Steps that could and can be done given our focus. We design installations which create fog and what makes us unique is our expertise to the entire process. From concept, engineering, producing own parts (e.g. all press couplings for the PressFog units) to assembly, factory pre-delivery inspection and testing, installation and commissioning. All tailored to your needs!

  • Substantial higher reliability via proven system (building blocks) and in-house made parts.
  • Highest quality installations, both new and retrofit. Stainless steel and state of the art look & feel.
  • No fancy stuff, all designed and calculated to your needs.
  • In case something would occur, we stand for fast service/easy replacement.
  • Durability: all optimized for minimal water & energy usage.


Our history leads back to the beginning of the twentieth century, four family generations have formed the basis of who we are today. Always with passion, always with curiosity, always aimed at making it better. My great-grandfather did start in Belgium, grandpa expanded the trade of technical goods and materials, and my father specialized in especially hardware business and agricultural mechanization during the eighties.

At that time also a high pressure fog system has been developed and applied for cooling and optimizing the humidity in greenhouses and poultry barns. In addition also high pressure fog systems were introduced to industrial applications, mainly for treatments of dust and odor problems. Some of these systems still run after 30 years! In 2005 the choice has been made to put the focus solely on the high pressure fog systems as we got known to be a committed and dedicated specialist. Obviously a ‘new’ company deserves a ‘new’ name: As the founders, it was decided to use the initials of my parents (Marian and Jan), MJ-Tech was born! Since my childhood I am active with all small steps to make a leap, which resulted in my managing role as the fourth generation in this exciting company. Since mid-2015 we operate from our location on Vosdonk Business Park in Etten-Leur.

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