Embedded in total
greenhouse infrastructure

More and more growers acknowledge high pressure fog as a key element for an advanced greenhouse, but we are not a stand-alone item. As the source of humidity to accomplish controlled crop growth the use of our high pressure fog system is optimized via a climate control system. Our solutions are, via API interfaces, compatible with all providers. They, as well as specialists, also can provide relevant sensors to measure the Vapour Pressure Deficit, a key parameter for controlled crop growth. These developments advance rapidly, data driven crop growth is progressing, but a closed loop with the climate control system and sensors will give you the highest possible return on a high pressure fog system. Our high pressure fog solution will be embedded in your specific greenhouse operation


Depending on the span and the distances of the posts, the nozzles get their place. Precise positioning depends on crop height, lighting, screens, ventilation, etc.


Seen from above, we try to place the nozzles “as low as possible”, preferably also at least 0.5m up to your crop!

Every greenhouse is unique, differences in constructions, different crops, different climate control elements available, but this graphic impression visualize some aspects to be taken into account for positioning the Pressfog pipeline system in your greenhouse. Where possible we aim to have the nozzles at least 0.5m above your crops. Looking from the top we aim to be the “lowest” installed item, so under the lighting and ventilation to avoid larger water droplets could effect your crops. Depending on the span width and the distances of the posts the Pressfog pipelines will get their lay out.


By using our own patented pressfog pipeline system we are capable of installing a project in a very short period of time. In addition, the pressfog system offers a guaranteed leak- proof installation immediately after assembly. The couplings have a nominal operating pressure of 120 bars and a burst pressure of 250 bars. All couplings, accessories and nozzles used in the system are manufactured out of stainless steel 316 and therefore suitable for practically any application. MJ-Tech is the only producer in the market who offers a five-year warranty on the piping system.


• Fast assembly.
• Unique connection to atomiser.
• Operating pressure 100 bars.

• Pressure 250 bars.
• 100 % leak-proof.
• Own production.

The heart center,
the high pressure pump unit

Besides the building blocks (nozzles, press couplings, high pressure pump unit), you need a proper system design and a control strategy to make it happen.

For each greenhouse situation, if it’s from small compartments up to 100ha greenhouse a solution is tailored and required pumps are defined. The pumps can have a flow of 1 to 200 liters / minute and thus generate a minimum of 400 cc / hour / m2. By using a separate pump for each compartment, it is possible to spray several departments at the same time. All for controlled crop growth!

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