GreenTech Innovation Awards 2020, category “Sustainability”

Just a few more weeks until the GreenTech (October 20-22), the leading event in the greenhouse horticulture sector! With Covid-19 this time virtually, keeping innovation unchanged as a central focus. How great is it that we as MJ-Tech have been nominated for the GreenTech Innovation Awards 2020, category “Sustainability” with our Dynamic Ventilation Disinfection solution.

In a world where viruses can have a huge impact, it’s vital to minimize contaminations. The MJ-Tech Dynamic Ventilation Disinfection provides adequate air quality in storage and transshipment areas for vegetables, fruit, flowers or plants. An excellent way to prevent waste and to ensure that your harvest makes it to the consumer. It couldn’t be more relevant in 2020!

Join in on Tuesday October 20, 2020, 9AM CET for the Opening & Award Ceremony!

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