Dynamic Ventilation Disinfection

Adequate air quality in storage and transhipment areas for vegetables, fruit, flowers or plants.

Bacteria, yeasts, viruses, fungi can cause a lot of discomfort along the entire supply chain: from harvesting in the greenhouse to the shelf. In addition, it is virtually inevitable that your vegetables, fruit, flowers or plants will end up in a storage and / or transshipment area. To guarantee the correct air quality in those rooms, we offer the combination of a dosing station DS-10 with 1 to 5 fan units (FU-10s). The DS-10 contains a dosing pump that can very precisely atomize the necessary hydrogen peroxide in the air. With 1 nozzle near the 180-degree rotating fan, the whole area is atomized very effectively, everything to achieve an optimal absorption in the available air.


  • Air supported fogging system
  • Droplet sizes 15-20 µm
  • 1 to 5 fan units to 1 dosing unit (DS-10)
  • Direction fan angle 0 – 180 degrees
  • Beam up to 30m
  • Water pressure 0 – 5 bar
  • Capacity 10 L/hour per FU-10
  • Fan 6000m3/h @ 50Pa
  • 230V power connection
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Control cabinet with Cloud accessibility
  • Automatic rinsing & cleaning
  • Start via time clock

FU-10: 500mm (w) x 500mm (d) x 900mm (h)

DS-10: 600mm (w) x 300mm (d) x 1000mm (h)

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