MJ-Tech, a new sponsor of Dutch Dubai.

MJ-Tech controls the humidity to protect the growing of the crops in the Dutch Biotope

The Netherlands Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai is pleased to welcome a new sponsor to the team: MJ-Tech. A family business,  MJ-Tech is a designer, producer and supplier of high-pressure fog systems, used in horticulture, agriculture and industry. MJ-Tech will control the humidity to protect the growing of the crops in the Dutch Biotope and will contribute to an overall more pleasant climate in the Netherlands Pavilion.

‘It is fascinating how droplets just 5 to 10 micron in size can have such an impact on so many things, like reducing food waste and improving crop yields. And all of that with minimal water and energy consumption’, says Ruud van Aperen, CEO MJ-Tech. ‘We are very keen to contribute to the Dutch Biotope. Our climate-system solutions help reduce water and energy consumption, making them a perfect match for the Gulf region’s ambitions, climate conditions and business dynamics. We’re looking forward to showcasing our solutions and making new connections.’ said Van Aperen.

More and more growers are realising the importance of high-pressure fog as a key element of an advanced greenhouse. Plants are 80-90% water, and all that water plays a vital role in terms of cooling through evaporation. MJ-Tech’s high-pressure fog systems ensure optimal temperature and humidity, allowing for better control over crop moisture absorption. Besides providing humidity control and natural cooling in greenhouses and on livestock farms, MJ-Tech’s systems are also used for disinfection, fire protection and in industrial applications, such as the treatment of dust and odour problems. In more than 40 countries the MJ-Tech installations are active, including a prestigious one in Dubai.

Hans Sandee, Consul General for the Netherlands in Dubai says: ‘Through making new connections in solutions, we can make the difference to the future. The high pressure fog systems of MJ-Tech are a perfect example: with their solutions we are able to improve the growth of our crops and save water at the same time. We are delighted to welcome MJ-Tech as one of the sponsors of the Dutch Biotope’.

About the pavilion
The Netherlands Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai will open to visitors in six months starting from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022 . The circular pavilion – dubbed ‘the Biotope  ‘ – is devoted entirely to innovation  in the areas of water, energy and food. Dutch businesses, knowledge institutions and civil society organisations have specific knowledge and expertise in these fields and can therefore play a key role in finding solutions that contribute to a more sustainable planet.

More information: dutchdubai.com

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