1 system, 4 functionalities

Our high-pressure water mist systems are extremely suitable for fire control. The open nozzle (deluge) system works in combination with a fire detection system. When a fire is detected, the entire room is immediately filled with water mist (total flooding). The very fine droplets have a very high cooling capacity and have a suffocating effect on the fire, because the oxygen present can hardly reach the seat of the fire.

Originally, our systems were often used as a building block for climate control in stables, but the theme of fire control has become very relevant in recent years and how great is it that a system can cover multiple functionalities?

Only MJ-Tech has a fire control water mist system that can also be used for other purposes.

But also in arable sheds, waste processing companies and greenhouses for complete protection or in the form of a water mist curtain at penetrations in fire-resistant walls, for cooling uncoated steel structures or protection of machines.


Air quality


Fire control

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